We are a #growthhacking factory of #blowyourmind, disruptive, socially equitable, economically successful and environmentally friendly startup and companie’s incubator, accelerator and investor.

And why not? We are a new breed of company, a force of nature, a global influencer composed of Knowmads and Expert Generalists who constantly unlearn the obsolete only to learn what’s thriving.

Learning and teaching is our passion aiming to leave behind a legacy of wellbeing and development and by sharing our knowledge with the planet, particularly with entrepreneurs in development countries.



We believe that shifting the entrepreneurs mindset from the use of traditional business models to that of the creation of sustainable innovative, socially and environmentally brands, by using cutting edge transformational and disruptive methodologies, we will help them make a positive impact in the wellbeing of their countries, strengthening their entrepreneurial ecosystem and generating, social and environmental friendly development for their citizens.

From there we want to expand our most successful startups, solutions and iniciatives to transform and evolve the global spirit of solidarity while we fund the game changers who will transform the world on a replicable global scale.



We will substantially increase the startup success ratio, overcoming the destructive “startup valley of death” by incorporating highly experienced and inclusive professionals with millennial mindsets to coach, mentor, accompany and make sure we work fast, using the most advanced silicon valley startup innovation framework while creating hyper-cultures where innovation blooms and its nourished to generate deep changes transforming, mindsets, behaviors, purposes, organizations… and by doing so, the immediate future.
We are need hunters, blue ocean innovators, local and global disruptors, Gaia devotees, expert generalists, knowmads, post degree professors, scientific dilettantes and citizens of the universe.

We are a successful driven growth hacker with a humane heart, profit is not our main driver, is the common good, transforming the world mindset through our purpose and values fostering an egalitarian opportunities society empowered by the ethnic inheritance, sexual preference or age of our stakeholders, collaborators and entrepreneurs.
We strive to continually lead by practicing and sharing our values and beliefs fostering the beautiful diversity, creativity and entrepreneurship of every person with a disruptive, transformational idea, to develop a powerful inclusive agenda living no one behind, to fully develop their potential, bring their full self to the workplace, and help them engage in a world of inclusion, constant innovation, transformation and disruption.
No more words, we are here to sublime the planet and take it to its next destined state of evolution.


Our Secret Sauce

Quick first round of evaluation of projects to make sure they comply with our three main goals: Economic and Social Development respecting and if possible solving Environmental problems.
Help the entrepreneurs to do the necessary adjustments of their projects to make them compliant with our requirements. Not dumping them at the fist strike showing respect to every person and every idea.
Accompany the project that pass to the second stage to make sure they cover every possible risk and particularly advise them with state of the art practices, methodologies and technologies compliant with our three conditions.
Estimate with rigor the require investment, the people, the conditions of the market, competition, technology, User Experience.
We will only focus on projects that before trying to conquer a share of their wallets, first conquer a share of spirit, share of heart and share of mind.
All projects have to be conditioned as a pre-requisite to non-contradictory with The Sustainable Development Goals 2030.


The Team

Pablo Bermudez

Knowmad, Expert Generalist, Growth Hacker, Post degree Professor, International Keynote Speaker in 16 countries, Futurist, Writer, Consultant for mayor Companies, Influencer in innovation and technology.

Systems Engineer
Former Interamerican Development Bank Consultant
Creator of the Peruvian E-Government Agenda and its legal Framework
Former Head of Government For Microsoft
Former Organization of American States Consultant
Member of the Peruvian Chapter of Transparency International
Member of the Peruvian Chamber of Commerce
Advisor to two Peruvian Presidents and two Ministers
Member of the Peruvian Bicentennial Commission
Columnist at the Daily “Gestión” the most important business newspaper in Peru
Former Founder of https://www.hashtag.pe/ sold last year to the New York based https://atypicaldigital.com/ digital marketing agency
Expert in Digital transformation, trained and certified by https://www.prophet.com/altimeter

José Tudela

Knowmad, Growth Hacker, Innovator, Entrepreneur, Former Navy Commander Officer and Helicopter pilot, Owner/CEO "The Startup Factory" and W.V. Contratistas Generales S.A. Construction Company

Bachelor of Naval Science
Former Peruvian Navy Officer
Helicopter Pilot
Digital Communications Post Degree
Sub Director of Naval Aviation School
Executive Officer of Naval Aviation Attack Squad
Naval Aviation Logistic Chief
Maintenance Chief of Naval Aviation Attack Squad
Naval Aviation Aid Officer
Executive Master in Business Administration
Construction Management Diplomat
Construction Company CEO

Pedro Emush Bozanic

Turnaround expert, generalist, leadership, finance professional, project manager, former navy officer, CFO “The Startup Factory” and managing director of Trigono Inversiones SAC

Shareholders representative of international companies,
Former world bank, Interamerican Development Bank and COFIDE Consultant.
Master’s in finance
MBA with major in strategy
Salvage professional
Bachelor in Naval Sciences